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#CareerCrushing with Daniel Doody – Freelance Journalist

Daniel Doody, 29
Freelance Journalist

It was only four years ago that Daniel Doody decided he wanted to be a journalist, and in a small amount of time he has landed career-making gigs with major Australian television networks.

“I was living in England at the time [when] I started taking an interest in TV news” Daniel, 29 said, “whether it was good or bad, I was really keen and interested in understanding what was going on around the world.”

It was when his Visa was coming to an end that Daniel decided he was going to study Journalism and began researching universities back in Australia where he could pursue his studies.

Daniel decided upon Macleay College as it allowed for hands on industry experience with a Diploma qualification within one year.

“Macleay College was a great experience – teaching you about what the industry is all about,” Daniel said, “I really enjoyed making videos and putting real life stories together.”

It was while attending Macleay College that Daniel was quoted as being ‘the best intern that channel 10 has ever had!

“One of the criteria for Macleay College is to complete 40 hours of interning with a media organisation… I wasted no time by calling TV Networks, Radio stations and any other media outlets that were willing to take on interns, hence my luck with Channel 10.”

Daniel spent his time at Channel 10 shadowing reporters and camera crew chasing stories for the day and observing the technical side of putting the Ten Eyewitness News national bulletin together.

“I even managed to put a story together, but at the time I don’t think it was written very well, but at least it was a good experience.”

Daniel graduated from Macleay College with a Diploma in Journalism in 2015, and utilising his connections that he made while interning Daniel decided to ask for any job opportunities.


Daniel Doody currently works for Channel 10 and Sky News.

“After my one week interning with Channel 10, I left there feeling that I made a good impression.”

“Six months later I contacted the Unit Manager, Camilla, from the newsroom to see if there were any job opportunities available.”

Although there weren’t any opportunities at the time, Daniel continued to stay in contact and eventually landed an interview, which lead to being offered a position at Channel 10.

“I think I got the job because of my enthusiasm during my interning at Channel 10 and my persistence in getting myself out there and known… It certainly had paid off.”

As Daniel is a casual at Channel 10, he wanted to expand his experience in a working newsroom and got in contact with Sky News Chief Bureau Ahron.

“I had an informal chat with Ahron – he was impressed with my enthusiasm – the following week I was hired… just like that.”

Although Daniel’s roles do not currently involve reporting, he is still chasing his dream as a television reporter and is continuing to expand his knowledge as a freelance journalist.

“In terms of my opportunity to do some reporting it hasn’t happened yet… In getting your ideal job there will be times where you’ll need to make sacrifices.”

“During my time at Macleay College, I was working at a five star hotel – it was my first job when I arrived in Melbourne three years ago.”

But Daniel is not giving up anytime soon, and puts the support of his wife, Joanne down to his persistence to follow his pathway to his dream job.

“There has been a few times where I thought I’m not really getting my ideal job role and it’s been nearly two years… I should just quit and choose a different career.”

But what keeps me going is the support from my wife Joanne, who keeps reminding me each and every single day to never give up.”


Daniel Doody dreams to be a TV Reporter. (Photo source: supplied.)

When you were 10, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A Police Officer… I got my inspiration from the comedy action movie Beverley Hills Cop starring Eddie Murphy.

If you had one day to try any job in the world, what would it be?

The Prime Minister for Australia.



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