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#CareerCrushing with Danielle Price – Networking Community Founder

photo 4 - supplied

Danielle Price founder of women in business community She Will Shine. (photo source: supplied.)

Danielle Price, 37
Founder, She Will Shine


It was a longing for flexibility and family time which lead Danielle Price to launch her own graphic design company, but she never expected to be helping other woman achieve their business dreams too.

“I decided to start my own business as agency work did not allow the flexibility I knew I wanted when I began a family.” Danielle, 37, said, “I soon found I was working with a lot of fellow women in business.”

“It was great as we understood each other both personally and professionally, which in turn led to great work results.”

It was when Danielle needed to outsource some of her own work that she realised she wanted the same connection with her supplier as she had with her own clients.

“I had huge difficulty in finding someone so came up with the idea of a community for women in business.”


She Will Shine provides training, co-working, online resources and in person events so that women in business are able to say goodbye to isolation, be held accountable, and have the motivation and support they need to go further Danielle said.

“It’s a unique community to create genuine and personal connections with like-minded business women and to learn from, and alongside them.”

“I created a village for female business owners that I absolutely love.”

Photo 1  supplied

She Will Shine provides support and networking opportunities for women in business. (photo source: supplied.)

Danielle made the difficult decision to give up her successful design business to pursue She Will Shine, appreciating that her journey allowed her to better understand the motivation and desires of her members, both professionally and personally.

“I never studied Business but in creating my first business, I lived it.”

“I was fortunate that through my work I was able to create personal connections with other female business owners and saw the similarities in us and the challenges we all faced… I think the key is a complete understanding of the people you are wanting to help.”

It’s the passion to understand her members that Danielle stresses is important for anyone wishing to be in a networking business.

“Talk to your ideal clients and see what it is they need and want.”

“I am very open with my community, and communication is a two-way street…Value feedback, positive and negative, and use it to continually improve.”

“There is no point in creating something you think is the bees knees, and not have anyone see the value in it.”

And although this industry is not a quick six figure salary, Danielle said the possibilities are endless.

“I am so blessed that I get to help the most genuine and supportive women I have ever met.”

“I regard my members as my friends and they support me just as much as I support them…It’s a really unique client relationship and one that I treasure.”

“As they say, do something you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Photo 3 - supplied

Danielle Price launched She Will Shine after speaking with fellow women in business. (photo source: supplied.)

When you were 10 years old, what did you want to be?

The earliest job I remember wanting was to be a checkout operator at our local supermarket. I’m going to show my age, but who could resist the beep beep of the old style cash register keys. After shopping with mum, my sister and I used to unpack all the groceries on the kitchen bench and “play supermarkets” with our trusty little calculator. Mum really loved that! Years later, I conquered that goal with my first part time job. Funnily enough, I had no aspirations to create my own business until I wanted to create flexibility for my family.

If you had one day to try any job in the world, what would it be?

Florist. But one that doesn’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn to go to the market. Unfortunately I’m not an early riser!

Let’s cut it down:

How does someone get into the industry? Decide who your market is and research what it is they want and how you can provide it. She Will Shine memberships provide support and advice for entrepreneurs launching their business.

Do you need any formal qualifications? No formal qualifications are necessary but Danielle advises it’s important to know your members and their needs. Talk to them and find out exactly what they want and how you can provide it.

Can this be my full-time job? Yes. It won’t be quick but by researching your market and including things such as memberships and events, you’ll be able to earn a decent salary, if not more.

Does Danielle have any advice? “Value feedback, positive and negative, and use it to continually improve. There is no point in creating something you think is the bees knees, and not have anyone see the value in it.”


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