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#CareerCrushing with Sophie Cachia – Blogger

Sophie - Wedding Day

Sophie Cachia on her wedding day. (photo source: supplied.)

Sophie Cachia, 25

Blogger, The Young Mummy

It was a love of sport combined with growing up in the AFL change rooms with her former footballer dad, which saw Sophie Cachia develop a love for the media industry from an early age.

“I’d watch all the reporters on the sidelines and knew that that’s what I wanted to be doing one day,” Sophie, 25 said, “Combine that with my love of sport and you’ve got my dream job!”

And that’s what The Young Mummy blogger was studying to become when she fell pregnant at the age of 22 after being told she was infertile only a few years earlier.

“I was studying journalism when I became pregnant, and as much as I tried to finish off the year, it became too hard with the horrendous morning sickness I suffered, so I started writing to fill in time.”

It was Sophie’s piece “My Miracle Baby” about son, Bobby Mac, now 19 months, which attracted thousands of views and launched her blogging career.

“I found that people really appreciated my honesty in my writing, especially about being pregnant. It was authentic and from the heart, and I found people really related to that.”

Three years later and The Young Mummy has an Instagram following of over 87,000 with readers falling in love with Sophie’s wit and honesty about life as a young parent.

Cachia Family

The Cachia’s on their wedding day: Jaryd, Bobby Mac and Sophie. (photo source: supplied.)

And Although Sophie put her degree on hold to be a mum, she has since returned to finish her schooling one day a week.

“It’s not necessary to have a qualification in the journalism industry – my head lecturer told me that.” Sophie said, “It’s an industry that requires hard work and dedication.”

“You’ve got to want to work hard, from a young age.”

“At the age of 14, I started volunteering my time, asking TV stations if I could come in for an hour and watch in the background, follow boundary riders around on the sidelines of the footy.”

It’s the people who show initiative and gain practical experience which attracts employers Sophie said.

“For me, the degree is about a sense of accomplishment, and also for the day I do go for that dream job and they DO ask me what degree I have.”

But in the meantime, Sophie is along for the ride and taking advantage of a career which allows her to be a full time mum to her little man whilst working in the industry she loves.

“It’s a dream job. I get to earn money, do what I love, and be a full time mum.” Sophie said, “I know I’m very lucky.”

And when it does come time to earn money from blogging, sponsored posts are the way to go.

“Whether it’s a blog or an Instagram photo, if a brand approaches me that wants to work with me, we come up with a tailored package to suit their requirements.”

“I know the times, days, down [to] the very minute to posting something that would work to suit a certain brand.”

The Young Mummy is proving to be extremely successful with readers falling in love with Sophie and her young family but her passion still lies with broadcast journalism.

“My career path is taking me down a slightly different road at the moment, but I’d be naive to think that this could last forever… I still have huge desires to present on TV or Radio. Whether that’s in the sporting industry or mainstream media, time will tell.”

Sophie - Bardot

Sophie Cachia in her “perfect Christmas” outfit. (photo source: supplied.)

When you were 10 years old, what did you want to be?

A newsreader on TV.

If you had one day to try any job in the world, what would it be?

A midwife and deliver babies.

Let’s cut it down:

How does someone get into the industry? Start writing. You can set up a blog easily and for free at http://www.wordpress.com.

Do you need any formal qualifications? You don’t need to have a qualification in Journalism, nor experience to be a blogger, but you do need to be passionate and willing to put your words out there for others to read.

Can this be my full-time job? Yes. As Sophie recommends you can make an income from blogging through sponsored posts on both your blog and social media.

Does Sophie have any advice? “Stay genuine. I have come across so many wonderful other mum bloggers out there, each with their own take on things and own style. They be who THEY are and it’s so nice to follow their journey. But gosh I’ve found some imitators… Be unique. Be YOURSELF. I know I am.”


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