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Getting noticed without pulling a Kim Kardashian

There’s nothing quite like being a year 10 student at the ripe old age of 16; the excitement of passing your Learner’s Permit and having that curfew lifted to midnight. And then you get asked: “What do you want to do for the rest of your life?”

That moment is as awakening as getting hit in the face with a basketball. We begin piecing together different pathways to help us land our dream job; between trying to decide which subjects to select for VCE to practically begging for internships in university. Before you know it, your name gets called and you’re walking on stage sporting a black gown and a hat that sits super-awkwardly on your head.

Although that moment is exhilarating (think an Elle Woods screeching “we did it!” in Legally Blonde) you can’t help but think what the heck do I do with this now?! (Yes, I know you’ll be getting that certificate framed, but I mean in way of landing a job!)

Regardless of what stage of your career you’re at, whether it’s selecting subjects for high school or you’re in your last semester at uni, it’s a struggle to land a job. With more and more ‘entry level’ positions asking for 1-3 years experience, the ability to juggle while standing on your head, and to drink a litre of milk in 30 seconds, it’s getting tougher to get your name out there without pulling a Kim Kardashian.

Career Crush is a little something I brewed up as I make my way into the media industry. I find each time I speak to a journalist, editor or producer, I thoroughly enjoy listening to their stories of how they made it in this industry, picking at their brains for tips and tricks.

But don’t think I’ll stop there! I’ll be profiling a different people from a range of careers and asking them all the questions you want to know about their industry – and how you can get there too!

From finding out the subjects they took at school, to whether the jobs all it’s cracked up to be and the mistakes they made along the way, I’ll be sure to get all the insider goss.

If you have a Career Crush (I could make a list!) drop me a line and I’ll try my best to feature them.

Career Crush – Launching December 14, stay tuned!


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